Flag Emporium stocks a wide range of Canada flags in various sizes, fabrics and finishes. All our nylon flags are made in Canada according to government specifications. From small sticks flags for your desk up to large size flags for flagpoles, we have a Canadian flag to suit most budgets.

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We have a selection of specialty flags to fly for different occasions or to represent different organizations / movements. For boating enthusiasts, Flag Emporium offers an assortment of International Signal Flags, Courtesy Flags and Novelty Flags. Hockey is an integral part of Canadian culture so we also stock official NHL Banners and Flags in a 3ft x 5ft size as well as smaller 12"x18" car window flags. 

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At the Flag Emporium we stock all Provincial and Territory Flags of Canada in a variety of fabrics and finishes to accommodate the diverse climate and also to compliment the fabrics we offer in the Canadian flag. As provincial and Canada flags are often flown together, they are made of the same fabric.  We also stock specialist flags including First Nations flags, Acadian and Cape Breton Island flags. 

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Advertising flags are a great way to attract new customers who may be passing by your business. Choose from regular Open and Welcome flags or especially popular for new businesses, seasonal businesses and mobile businesses for attracting the attention of potential customers are our swooper flags.

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Canada is proud of its multiculturalism, and you can find International Flags on flagpoles all across the country. More than ever before, people are trading, traveling and communicating on a global scale and here at The Flag Emporium we have the flags and accessories to enable you to take full advantage of the freedom we enjoy here in Canada, the freedom to fly your country's flag. We stock table size flags and 36"x60" economical polyester flags, ideal for indoor use and seasonal outdoor use, for nearly all countries of the world. For longer term flying we also stock a range of 24"x36" and 36"x72" International flags for the most in demand countries. 

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At the Flag Emporium, Dartmouth, we stock an extensive range of decorative banners to brighten up and add colour to your home, garden or business. Small decorative banners are approximately 13"x18" and large decorative banners are approximately 29"x43". Flag Emporium stocks a large range of house flags for all seasons of the year along with the hardware to display them.

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