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The flag of the Republic of Kosovo was adopted by the Assembly of Kosovo immediately following the declaration of independence of the Republic of Kosovo from Serbia in February 2008. It shows six white stars in an arc above a golden map of Kosovo on a blue field. They symbolize Kosovo's six major ethnic groups - Albanians, Serbs, Turks, Gorani, Roma (often grouped with the Ashkali and Egyptians), and Bosniaks.

The flag is unusual among national flags in using a map as a design element; the Flag of Cyprus is the only other to do so.

Both the Serbian and Albanian ethnic populations used their own flags since the Socialist Yugoslavia period. The Serbs use a red, blue and white tricolor, which forms the basis of the current flag of Serbia. The Albanian population used the flag of Albania since the 1960s as their nationality flag. Both flags can still be seen and used inside independent Kosovo.

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