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Outdoor Commercial Flagpoles

Flag Emporium is a leading dealer of commercial flagpoles. Made to order and are shipped (LTL) from Ontario to your choice of destination in Canada, Flag Emporium offers a complete range of commercial flagpoles for most applications and custom poles for unique projects. All commercial flagpoles are cone tapered for superior strength, meaning the diameter at the butt of the pole is greater than that at the top of the pole. Choose from Canadian made Aluminum flagpoles or European made Fiberglass flagpoles.  

There are several considerations to make when choosing a commercial flagpole:
1. Type of Pole Required (Regular, Nautical or Wall/Roof mounted)
2. Material (Aluminum or Fiberglass)
3. Pole Location  (Strength of pole required - Regular or Heavy Duty)
4. Type of Base/Bracket (Fixed/Tilting base or Vertical/Outrigger bracket for wall/roof mounted poles)
5. Type of Halyard (External or Internal Rigging)
6. Pole Finish - Standard is a Satin Brush Spun Finish on an Aluminum Pole (Special finishes also available). Fiberglass poles are white.

Properly installed, commercial flagpoles require occasional maintenance.  We have a team of installers who operate in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area who are experienced in commercial flagpole installation, repairs and servicing. For poles outside of the Halifax area, please ask.

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